Milngavie aftermath

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Milngavie aftermath

Postby duke_sc » Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:52 pm

Hi all,
Finally got to see Gordon at Milngavie last night! And was not dissappointed, he was exceptional. Hats off to him for putting on such a wonderful show for what turned out to be a surprisingly small turnout. He took the stage at around a quarter to 9 and with only a small break didn't finish until 11.30. (Not many acts these days perform for that length of time.) He did dedications, he did requests, he rejigged his set to accomodate a couple of called out favourites, and he managed to please everyone with a variety of musical styles throughout the night. Jeepers he even got away with playing 'God save the Queen', and this just a stone throw away from Labour's heartland of Glasgow. What a brave man :)

My personal highlights of the evening had to be 'on Camber Sands', closely followed by 'Mrs Singer's Waltz'. Had he performed 'Sally's song' I'd personally have been ecstatic (so it's probably just as well he didn't!) I was amazed at Dodo's dream - you'd really have thought there was a whole band playing by the time he had laid down all the different layers.

What most pleased me was to find a musician who's been on the go for a good number of years and is so well respected in his field, still being so personable and - dare I say it - humble. There's many a musician not half as talented as Gordon who would have turned there noses up at performing to such a small audience. But Gordon thrilled us with his playing and charmed us with his self effacing humour. I for one really hope he can come this way again soon. I know a good few folk who would love to hear him live for the first time. Haste ye back Gordon!

To Sue - thanks for helping to make this happen for us, your a star!

ray in glasgow
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Postby ray in glasgow » Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:31 am


You are a nice man.

A very Nice man.

A very, very nice man.

You are THE man.

I was also fortunate enough to be able to attend this concert, the first GG concert I have been to since The Symphony Hall gig. (Been there, seen it, and I even . . . . . )


This was GG concert no10 for me, the first being the Apollo in November 1978 when I was 2 years old (ahem !!!!) :roll:

So what if I missed the last train home and had to get a taxi?

So what if the venue didn't sell booze ( I am too young to drink anyway !!!!)

So what if he played God Save The Queen? It isn't HIS fault that the lyrics refer to "rebellious Scots to Crush"

And so what if the 60 year old beardy git looks younger than me :evil:

This was a BRILLIANT gig. Indeed, I will go so far as to say it has been the second best of the ten that I have been to, the best being the Apollo.

It was as intimate a venue as the GG gig on the Renfrew ferry a million years ago and a lot longer than than the twice I have been to Edinburgh Festival GG concerts.

The sound system was better than the gig I saw you play in the Paisley Arts festival ( On the night that Engerland got knocked out of some football thingy too !!!)

I also recall seeing you at the Edinburgh playhouse (with Rod and Bimbo I believe) and it was brilliant to see you with Martin Taylor in Sound Control in Glasgow all those years ago.

How many is that?

Oh yes - Cumbernauld Theatre and Birmingham Symphony Hall (not much difference - both look like the inside of wedding cakes !!! )

For me, the highlight (apart from getting my picture taken with Gordon) was Lucifers Cage. The rendition in Milngavie was the best I have heard you play it, and the strings behaved themselves on the night.

Thanks for clearing immigration Control and venturing up here into God's Country.

Haste Ye back, and lang may yer lum reek Gordon.



(PS - sorry about the Gary Glitter Joke !!!)

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Postby GORDON » Tue Nov 04, 2008 4:37 pm

Hi Ray.

I KNEW that God save the Queen was treading on dangerous ground :oops:

Good to have met you and THANKYOU for such a fun posting.

Best of Regards.


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