Wellington College Concert

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Jeanne Kirkwood
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Wellington College Concert

Postby Jeanne Kirkwood » Thu Oct 23, 2008 7:43 pm

First time sending email, so hope I follow all rules of protocol and dress code!

Jeanne, Adam and son Ben loved Gordon's concert a Wellington College Crowthorne a couple of weeks ago, small, friendly and we were in the second row so could see all that fast finger movement on the guitars.
Ben aged 10 was quietly enthralled, and not fazed to chat to Gordon. Guitar teacher next day most impressed we had been to a concert of such calibre and he had missed it, but promised to tell him next time there's a Gordon Giltrap concert at Wellington.
Ben was originally inspired to play electric guitar after a couple of concerts of Gordon's since he was 5, Ben that is, not Gordon.
Look forward to Gordon's next concert at Wellington or another near venue.
Thank you for a terrific evening, Gordon

Jeanne Kirkwood

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Postby Sue » Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:38 pm

Hi Jeanne,

that was a perfect first post. Nice to meet you !

If Ben has any questions, Gordon will be delighted to answer them as he's always keen to encourage young ( or somewhat older :wink: ) players and between them, our "anoraks" can give expert advice on most guitar topics.

We're all very friendly here, so welcome aboard....

GG webmaster

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