CatStrand, New Galloway

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CatStrand, New Galloway

Postby AndrewD » Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:17 am

I wanted to say how much my wife Teresa and I enjoyed the gig at The CatStrand, even if Gordon did lose the thread with "Kaz" halfway through. As a classical guitarist I have had that happen to me when performing to friends :? - it's life, and Gordon: John Williams does make the occasional mistake (though it is rare) :lol: - I have heard it happen in a concert. I was bought the tickets as a Christmas present but had I known that there was a guitar workshop during the day I would have come along to that as well...Never mind. I'll look for that next time.

That was our first visit to The CatStrand. We relocated to Dumfries in autumn 2007 having lived in Coventry before that. Lovely venue, good seating although with the ventilation turned off it did get warm. Acoustically it was good and I would definitely go back again.

Whilst at The CatStrand I got a copy of the Dodo's Dream pamphlet and DVD/CD bundle - I referred to it as a "Dodo dissection kit" and between us it turned into a flat-pack self assembly Ikea Dodo. Gordon signed it 'Hi Andrew "Enjoy"'. Well I am certainly doing that. I have started to work on the riffs with my trusty electric. I have an effects pedal unit and a PC with multitrack recording software on so hope to make my own Dodo soonish (of course it would be a stuffed one).

A comment probably more suited to the anorak's forum but I have to say, Gordon, that the Line 6 Variax you played on The Dodo's Dream sounded stunning. Beautiful tone! Of course, so did the acoustics.

Thank you for sharing the music Gordon. Long may it continue.


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Postby GORDON » Mon Jun 09, 2008 1:33 pm

Hi Andrew.

Thanks SO much for your posting. What a stunning little venue eh!
A shame you couldn't make the workshop, maybe next time. In all honesty I was under a degree of pressure that night with a rotten cold and also the thing was being filmed, and although the crew were great and unobtrusive it was still pressure, thanks for your understanding.

Kaz is a favourite piece and is usually no problem....never mind. I look forward to playing the venue again.

Warm Regards.


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