Rothbury Roots 1st March 2007

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Kevin Roberts
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Rothbury Roots 1st March 2007

Postby Kevin Roberts » Thu Mar 29, 2007 9:21 am

I would like to add to this new site by sending you a massive Thank You for your stunning performance at Rothbury Roots recently. It was an absolute pleasure, and a great honour, to see you here in Northumberland, and it quite rightly caused a great deal of excitement in the area. I know from my own past attendances at your gigs just what an incredible performance you always put on, and I do hope that we can entice you back to our venue in 2008. We can't wait! In the meantime, thanks again.

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Postby supergenius » Sat Apr 28, 2007 9:20 am

Kevin - great post but you did understate things a bit!! I was there too - and what a night i had. On arrival I saw that loads of seats were already taken but that, in typical British fashion, several tables set out in front of the rows of seats were all vacant. My date and I sat ourselves down at a table about 8 feet from where Gordon was to sit and we were treated to the most wonderful demonstration.

I had taken my camera but couldn't bring myself to take any pictures as they would have been a poor 2 dimensional representation of what was a truly magical evening. I did however video the performance of Fast Approaching and have posted in on You Tube (see other post).

I had thought about taking notes about what he played but just let myself fall into the music. Lookig back now i can hardly remember a single piece in isolation. My friend also felt the same - we're just good friends but at one point in the concert i felt her just lean back and snuggle in to me and I put my arm round her and we just sat like that for ages. Earlier on she had asked me if i needed a supply of tissues as I had been unashamedly crying as i listened and the tears had been falling on to her arm!

Best bits - well, he finally had a go at playing Ive's Horizon for me. I have been at him to play this at a gig for nigh on 20 years and eventually he did - to a point and it was worth the wait. Here Comes the Sun - that was when i cried most. Fast Approaching i have always loved abd ditton Heartsong and Lucifer's Cage. So there i have remembered a lot.

If wecan get the man back next year Kevin, I for one can guarantee that I will be there. Thanks for that.


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Rothbury Roots.

Postby GORDON » Sat Apr 28, 2007 12:53 pm

Hello Both.

Sorry not to have replied and said THANKYOU to you both for your very kind words and to you sir for the YOUTUBE posting, it looks and sounds good.One should never say never in terms of returning to do a return show SO I shall keep that lovely door open if I may.

Be Well Both and families.


Kevin Roberts
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Re: Rothbury Roots.

Postby Kevin Roberts » Mon Apr 30, 2007 9:45 am

Hello again!
Simon, I am sure that Gordon was thrilled with your comments, and you were quite right - I was understating things! It was a very special night for us all at Roots - as it always is hearing Gordon play - and it will certainly remain in my memory 'til the end of my days! Our passion at Roots is simply to keep music live, and after two poorly attended gigs recently I have to say that your words kept my spirits up!
Gordon, I sincerely hope that door is open - and I will jump through it! Simon, watch this space, and I shall do all I can to entice the great man back in 2008!
For now, my very best wishes to you both. :D

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