Doorstep concert

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Doorstep concert

Postby Sue » Fri Mar 27, 2020 12:03 pm

For those of you having GG withdrawal symptoms here is a little something to make you smile.

Gordon set up his guitars outside his front door to play a couple of tracks for his neighbours and live stream them via Facebook. You can watch the video via its worth watching right to the end as its quite funny when his wife Hilary thought she had stopped filming but it was still live. Not bad for a first ever attempt at using the technology though! There will be more footage to come as he plans to stream from his conservatory in future. :D

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Re: Doorstep concert

Postby BRC » Fri Mar 27, 2020 7:26 pm

Excellent, and what a wonderful idea.

I didn't know about Thursday night's 8:00p.m. 'clap for NHS' - I have rather given up on the news as it contains only a modicum of helpful information with lots of very depressing repeating of doom and gloom over Covid-19. I only realised when I heard a lot of noise outside in the street.

Having said that, you planted the idea in my head that as I have had to cancel our annual July music event perhaps I should do my bit and perform a front garden concert in aid of the Covid-19 fightback effort. That would ensure that the social distancing would increase by at least a couple of hundred metres!

Stay healthy, all.


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Re: Doorstep concert

Postby sultan4swing » Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:26 pm

Gordon.. just picked up on this and had a listen..... Sounded terrific... and a lovely idea. We all need a musical 'pickmeup' at the moment... Your neighbours should feel privileged to have you do a mini concert for them.... and you are so fortunate to have neighbours that bother to listen. Like the other post, its isn't just a case that me doing the same would social distance my neighbours by 200 yards, it would clear the main road right into Norwich... !!!!???!!! ….. Gordon.. loved it …. PS are you coming to Norfolk this year ???? Best wishes and stay well...

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