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Double Visions - Kings Arts Centre, Cheddar 17th July

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:33 am
by AndrewD
This was the first time I had seen Ray and Gordon as a duo. I was at the 4-Parts Guitar gig in South Petherton in April so got to meet Ray then along with Clive and John, but the pairing of G and R as Double Visions I had missed up until this weekend.

It was a simple setup. Ray only had one guitar (as he ever does) and Gordon had three together with a Boss pedalboard and a Verbzilla for some gentle effects. The auditorium was a nice size and had quite a steep rake. I'm more used to seeing Gordon in halls where the seating is all just on the level, but this made an interesting change. Quite by accident I had ended up with seats in Row A with the person in the next seat being none other than Bob Wilson :)

They make a very good double act, both coming out with some lovely little anecdotes while Gordon was retuning (which he had to do quite a lot with a reduced number of instruments). They opened with Maddie Goes West and the show included other favourites such as Down The River, Loren (a solo for Gordon), Una Dia de Noviembre (a solo for Ray), A Christmas Carol, The Racer, Daisy Chain, Tailor Bird, Kaz and, of course, Heartsong. It was their two parts of the version arranged for 4-Parts Guitar - Ray did the keyboard solo on his Spanish guitar - brilliant!

It was a really fun gig, full of works of towering genius (you had to be there to understand that one).

Re: Double Visions - Kings Arts Centre, Cheddar 17th July

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:30 pm
by Bob Wilson
I can't add anything to what you have said Andrew except that it was a great concert with works of towering genius flowing from the two of them :wink: I'm still trying to work out how Ray played that Heartsong keyboard lead so well and made it look easy. Some nice facts about Clapton and Georgie Fame too. I wonder if Ray's still got that guitar?
Good to see the two of you again, see you the next time one or all are down this way
Be well