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Winter Warmers Charity Night at Chatham

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 8:46 am
by denval
Saturday 1st September, saw Gordon (& Hilary) supporting Winter Warmers Charity in Chatham, for something like the 10th Year.

The venue was a warm and welcoming place, obviously steeped in a proud history.

The centre is a substantial brick built Church, in what was originally part of the extensive Chatham Naval Dockyard. It is now run by the Local Authority as a Conference Centre and Venue. The interior has many naval artifacts and flags (dusters). The then Princess Elizabeth unveiled a stained glass window in October 1950, to commemorate Chatham based naval ships lost in World war II. It also has connections with the "Terra Nova" used bt Scott of the Antarctic. (Will put my anorak away now!)


Gordon was using his portable Fender Sound System, which combined with the hall's accoustics, produced a very rounded sound.

Gordon played a selection of his well loved tunes, Camber Sands and Down the River having particular meaning, being in Kent. The "Request Book" was doing good business.......

It was lovely to just sit amongst friends and fellow music lovers and let the music wash over us, in the historic surroundings.

Val and I have seen Gordon, in venues as diverse as the Symphony Hall Birmingham to small pubs and village halls. What never fails to amaze me is how Gordon adjusts to the venue and audience each time and produce such wonderful music.

John Griffin and friends, worked extemely hard to organise the event on behalf of this worthy cause.

Definitely an evening to remember!

Denis and Valerie Teulon.

End of an era.

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 5:08 am
Hello Denis.

Bless you for that cracking review, and of course for attending and helping to swell the numbers to the small but wonderful crowd who made the effort to attend.

Sadly as far as the event goes, we think it may be the end of an era in terms of future concerts by this artist for the charity.

Normally I perform on the Kingswear Castle, the vessel that takes folk up and down the Medway from the Chatham Dockyard. We decided this year on a change of venue, mainly because the cost of hiring the boat was becoming outrageous! You have already mentioned Denis in great detail how wonderful this new venue was, and indeed it was.

I was deeply saddened that the support we have had in the past for the boat trip wasn't repeated this year, rendering the whole fund raising process pointless. I think we just covered costs.

John and Marie Griffin have faithfully and single-handedly been trying to keep this worthwhile charity for the homeless afloat (excuse the pun)for at least 10 years now, but of course without the support from local radio(one mention on Radio Kent which I personally organised and was broadcast a week prior to the date, and nothing on the day)or the press(NO mention anywhere in any of the local papers) or sponsorship it won't survive.

For me although the concert was most enjoyable, seeing dear friends and family again, it was tinged with a touch of sadness, and proved really that many of the folk who attended in the past weren't really there for the music OR the charity, and were just there for the jolly, part of which of course I fully understand, but for me as an artist it was a shame not to be playing to a much larger crowd for the charities sake. I thank most sincerely all those who turned up for the RIGHT reasons. Bless you.


Chatham - St Georges Centre

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 1:01 pm
by J and L
It's a bit sad to hear Gordon talking of Saturdays concert at Chatham with a little negative vibe. Yes, the venue was perhaps a bit different this year and yes the audience could have been a larger BUT, although he seemed disappointed at first, the ever professional GG grasped the nettle and conjured up the magic that is Giltrap.

The evening turned into one of the most enjoyable musical and social experiences ever. Gordon's expertise goes from strength to strength, be it music or charm.

We all know that as we progress along the road of life energy and enthusiasm can get harder to muster at times, but G you have the the power to breathe life into all of our hearts with your incredible talent. Hopefully, in some small way, we your friends are able to return that gift with our support.

Congratulations to all who were involved in making the event such fun, especially Marie and John Griffin.

'Here Comes The Sun' :D
Jacqui & Larry. x

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 5:07 pm
by Sue
Just to let you know, photos from the night are now posted in the Gallery section here: :D