Wokingham 27th October

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Wokingham 27th October

Postby GGmusic-connection » Wed Nov 15, 2023 7:13 pm

Well it might have been Gordon’s first concert “in a while” as he put it, but is was as good or better than previous concerts I have been to over many years. Poignant, because of the reason for the break, but he was amongst old friends who have known him over the years. I sat next to a woman who has often attended his concerts.

I have to admit, I had forgotten just how good a musician Gordon is, and how wonderful he is at engaging the audience in his stories and music. It has been a while since I had been to a concert, sometimes ‘life’s event’ get in the way. However, it won’t be so long till I catch up again, in the spring of 2024 with a bit of luck!

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Re: Wokingham 27th October

Postby GORDON » Thu Nov 16, 2023 8:48 am

Hello there and thankyou so much for that beautiful posting.It truly means a lot to me and thankyou Here's to 2024 for you.Sincere Regards.Gordon.xx

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