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Best Wishes

Postby mikewells » Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:55 pm

Hi Gordon,

I've only just found out the news you broke last year and have been reading to find out the latest. It sounds positive and I hope that you're feeling as well as you put across in your messages.

I've been a fan since my teenage years (a long time ago regretfully!) - and thanks to a chap at school who introduced me via a couple of 'dodgy' tapes to Visionary and Perilous Journey. I bought and still have the picture disc of Fear of the Dark - cost me a couple of weeks paper rounds!

I haven't actively listened to your music for years until your name popped into my head a couple of years ago and I searched for some digital versions which, thankfully, I found! It was then that I realised that your music had always been in my head over those years... it's difficult to explain how much it means to hear some of these tracks again in all their glory - Visitation brings tears to my eyes again...

I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that maybe there might be some live performances again sometime - but that's me being selfish - after all I saw you in concert at Hatfield Forum in about 1978/1979 but one can hope.

In the meantime take this as a massive thank you for your music and your passion which has clearly made so many people so happy over the years - and I thought I was amongst the few!

Best wishes,

Mike Wells.

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