Overcome Your Stress & Anxiety

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released 2012   K-Tel

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I’m very excited to let you know about a new project I’ve been working on with my friend Ian Wood.  

Ian has a BSc Hons in Mental Health Studies and worked as a mental health nurse for nearly fifteen years.  Over the last forty years he has developed strategies to help people develop inner potential through a technique he names “Receptive Relaxation”. This is a combination of Hypnotherapy, Yoga and Zen meditation, all of which have been moulded into an easily learned psychological process to help the individual make changes and develop new patterns of learning and behaviour.

You probably don’t know that I sometimes suffer from ‘stage nerves’ and I have personally used Ian’s Receptive Relaxation technique to great effect to help me before performing.  This led to Ian and I chatting one day about how his technique had helped so many people over the years (in fact I had even supplied some background music for him to use on his ‘home made’ programmes in the past).  We went on to discussing the possibility of going into the studio and producing some professional Receptive Relaxation programmes, with Ian presenting the technique over a specially recorded backing track, that I would compose and perform, with particular emphasis in creating the right ambience for the programme.  The track 'All The Days Of May' was duly composed and recorded and we then went into a studio to produce six programmes:

Lose Weight With Correct Eating
Give Up Smoking For Good
Overcome Your Stress & Anxiety
Overcome Alcohol Craving & Addiction
Positive Steps To Beat Depression
Give Self-Confidence A Boost  

The programmes are all now available to download from iTunes (simply search the iTunes Store for 'Gordon Giltrap' or 'Receptive Relaxation') at a cost of just £6.99 each.  If you’re looking for a bit of help and support for any of the above then why not check them out.”