Complete Chronological Discography

Thanks to Dave Van Walwyck who started this off and Sue Holton for later additions we now are able to bring you a complete chronologically listed discography of Gordon's works on one comprehensive spreadsheet. Full details of any particular item including links for purchasing etc can still be found by clicking the corresponding thumbnail picture on the right hand side menu in this section.

Please click the icon at the bottom of this page to download the full spreadsheet and explore Gordon's history further, starting with "Gordon Giltrap" in 1968.

Year /Title / Label / Cat. No / Remarks

1968 Gordon Giltrap Transatlantic TRA 175
1969 Portrait Transatlantic TRA 202
1971 A Testament Of Time MCA MKPS 2020
1973 Giltrap Philips 6308 175
1976 Visionary Electric TRIX 2
1977 Perilous Journey Electric TRIX 4
1978 The Early Days Allegro ALC 4052 Cassette only
1978 Fear Of The Dark Electric TRIX 7
1980 Performance K-tel NE 1081 Compilation
1981 The Peacock Party PVK GIL 1
1981 Live Cube ICS 1001 LIVE
1981 The Platinum Collection cube PLAT 1005 compilation
1982 Airwaves PVK GIL 2
1987 Elegy Modern Music MODEM 1001
1987 A Midnight Clear Modern Music MODEM 1006 Christmas Carols
1989 One To One Nico Polo NP002 with Ric Sanders
1990 Guitarist (vinyl) Music Maker Records MML 88006-6 compilation
1990 Guitarist (CD) Music Maker Records CMML 88006-6 compilation
1990 The Peacock Party (CD) BBC Enterprises CDPT 507
1991 Elegy / Perilous Journey BBC Prestige CDPM 850 2 LPs on 1 CD
1991 Visionary / Fear Of The Dark BBC Prestige CDPM 851 2 LPs on 1 CD
1991 The Best of Gordon Giltrap Prestige CDSGP005 compilation
1991 A Matter Of Time Prestige CDSGP007 with Martin Taylor
1992 The Eye Of The Wind Accolade EYE T1 Cassette only. Birmingham Schools Concert Orch.
1992 The Solo Album Prestige CDSGP021 compilation
1992 On A Summer's Night Music Maker Records CMMR 924 LIVE at Warwick Folk Festival
1993 Gordon Giltrap / Portrait Transatlantic / Demon Records TDEMCD 15 2 LPs on 1 CD
1995 Music For The Small Screen Munchkin Records MRCD1
1995 Live At The BBC BBC Worldwide WHISCD009 LIVE
1995 The Brotherhood Suite Munchkin Records Cassette only. Nottmshire Education String Orch.
1997 Gordon Giltrap / Portrait (reissue) Transatlantic / Castle ESM CD 526 2 LPs on 1 CD
1998 Troubadour K-TEL ECD 3390
1999 Visionary (reissue) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP114CD
1999 Perilous Journey (reissue) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP113CD
1999 Fear Of The Dark (reissue) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP112CD
1999 One To One (reissue) Terra Nova TERR CD017 with Ric Sanders
2000 Live At Oxford (CD) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP115CD LIVE
2000 Part of the Picture Snapper Music SMD CD 297 2 CD compilation
2000 A Midnight Clear (CD) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP106CD Christmas Carols
2000 Music For The Small Screen (reissue) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP110CD
2000 Airwaves (CD) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP108CD
2000 The Solo Album (reissue) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP111CD compilation
2000 Janschology Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP124CD
2001 Collection Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP117CD 2 CD compilation. 1 Studio, 1 LIVE CD
2001 Elegy (reissue) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP107CD
2001 The Peacock Party (reissue) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP105CD
2001 Troubadour 2CD (reissue) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP147CD Original CD plus Acoustic Version
2001 On A Summer's Night (reissue) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP109CD LIVE at Warwick Folk Festival
2002 Giltrap and Taylor (reissue) P3 Music P3M003 with Martin Taylor, reissue of A Matter Of Time
2002 Under This Blue Sky Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP150CD
2003 Gordon Giltrap Band Live 1981 Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP148CD LIVE
2003 Fingers Of Fire Arc recordings no cat. No. LIVE
2003 Remember This Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP155CD
2004 Double Vision Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP158CD with Raymond Burley
2004 Live At Ambergate Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP156CD Binaural Recording
2004 The River Sessions River Records RIVERCD036 LIVE in 1979
2004 Drifter Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP159CD 2 CD - 1 CD LIVE
2005 A Testament Of Time (CD) Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP157CD
2005 A Taste of Classical Giltrap Wates group no cat. No. with Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra
2006 Captured From A Point In Time hypertension HYP 6251 LIVE tracks
2006 Symphony Hall Birmingham Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP160CD Double-sided LIVE CD and DVD
2007 Sixty Minutes with Gordon Giltrap Voiceprint VP6003CD compilation
2007 Secret Valentine Voiceprint / La Cooka Ratcha LCVP162CD
2007 As It Happens…. Voiceprint VP458CD LIVE Concert in full
2009 From Brush and Stone Voiceprint VP445CD with Rick Wakeman. Early copies with bonus DVD
2009 Double Visions (reissue) Floating World Records FLOATB6025 with Raymond Burley
2010 Troubadour CD & Live at Ventnor Winter Gardens DVD Demon Edsel EDSX3007 LIVE DVD
2010 Music For The Small Screen & The Solo Album Demon Edsel EDSD2073 Also available digitally VEXEDSD2073
2010 The Peacock Party & Airwaves Demon Edsel EDSD2074 Also available digitally VEXDIGI317
2010 Remember This & Janschology Demon Edsel EDSS 1043 Also available digitally VEXDIGI318
2011 Shining Morn Floating World records / Evangeline
2011 4 Parts Guitar with Raymond Burley, John Etheridge and Clive Carroll
2012 Echoes Of Heaven BigWeb Entertainment Limited BW 4207with Carol Lee Sampson and Martin Green
2013 Visionary (2013 reissue) Esoteric Recordings / Cherry Red ECLEC2400
2013 Perilous Journey (2013 reissue) Esoteric Recordings / Cherry Red ECLEC2401
2013 Fear Of The Dark (2013 reissue) Esoteric Recordings / Cherry Red ECLEC2402
2013 Live At Oxford (2013 reissue) Esoteric Recordings / Cherry Red ECLEC2409
2013 Ravens And Lullabies 2CD Signed Limited Edition Esoteric Antenna / Cherry Red Records EANTCD21012 with Oliver Wakeman, Paul Manzi, Benoit David, Steve Amadeo and Johanne James
2013 Ravens And Lullabies Esoteric Antenna / Cherry Red Records EANTCD1013 with Oliver Wakeman, Paul Manzi, Benoit David, Steve Amadeo and Johanne James
2015 Time to Reflect: A Personal Anthology 4CD set Trapeze /Acrobat Music TRQCD1501
2017 The Last of England with Paul Ward (CD) Angel Air Records SJPCD485
2017 The Last of England with Paul Ward (Vinyl LP) Psychotron Records PR1006 Limited edition of 500 Orange vinyl
2018 Heartsongs Psychotron Records PR1007 Charity CD for Birmingham Hospitals
2018 Heartsong Angel Air records 4 track downloadable only EP timed with biography release
2019 The Constant Friend JHS Vintage Free gift with guitar purchase demonstrating Jamie Giltrap guitar
2020 Woman Angel Air records SJPCD608
2020 Pofacetilly New World Music NWCD707
Gordon Giltrap and Stuart Jones (piano) Guitar and piano soundscapes
2020 Gordon Giltrap/Portrait BGO Rcords BGOCD1415 2 on 1 CD Digitally remastered and slipcased, with new notes
2020 The Work of Angels Mirror Noir Records Download only Charity downloadable single for Birmingham Hospitals Charity with Paul Ward

2020 You Make Me Believe Download only Charity downloadable single by NHS Choir for Birmingham Hospitals Charity. Written by Carrie Martin.

2021 Eye of the Wind Rhapsody Mirror Noir Records Download only

2021 Gordon Giltrap Live in 99 Mirror Noir Records Download only Live recording from 1999

2021 Live at Rosslyn Chapel Mirror Noir Records Download only Live recording from 2008

2021 Janschology Anniversary Edition Mirror Noir Records Download only

2021 Turning Earth Mirror Noir Records Download only single