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Karl van Heeswijk 8th Dec 2012

Karl van Heeswijk 8th Dec 2012
We were fortunate enough to have Gordon perform for us on the 8th of December this year.  We had decided earlier in the year to try and arrange for some top quality artistes to perform at our small venue in Torver, near Coniston, in Cumbria.  Our first approach was to Gordon, via his very efficient and approachable agent Sue Holton.  Having arranged the booking we then set about inviting people, needing 70 to fill the venue – I did say it was small!

I must admit to being extremely nervous on the day of the event as I had been delayed at Amsterdam airport by snow in and so only arrived just before lunch on the day of the performance!  We quickly got on with setting up the stage, seating, lighting etc. and had it all finished by 5pm – ready for an 8 pm start.  

Gordon arrived about 6 pm and very calmly began setting up his gear and doing sound checks, and then joined us for dinner.  He certainly helped calm my nerves – he is completely unflappable, nothing is a problem, he’ll talk to anybody about anything and is just the most approachable and friendly artistic person I have ever met!

My next major concern was whether all of the people we’d invited would enjoy the music!  The age range of the audience was 14 to 80.  A significant number of our guests had never heard of Gordon!  I needn’t have worried.  The performance was absolutely sensational.  There can’t be a better composer/player of accessible but complex guitar music anywhere.  The audience also loved Gordons witty and informative commentary.

Gordon played a brilliant set – Heartsong, Camber Sands, Lucifer’s Cage, Shining Morn, Here Comes the Sun, The Dodo’s Dream, Ive’s Horizon, Five Dollar Guitar and, at my request, the wonderful Appalachian Dreaming – plus many others.
Here are a few quotes:

"What a privilege to be able to attend"

"We were blown away"

“How does he do it?”

“Why have we never heard of this guy?”

"Best live performance I've been to since the 1970s"



"When's he coming back?  If he does, please count me in"

I think that says it all.

So, in conclusion, I’d like to thank Mike the chef of The Church House Inn for a wonderful supper.  Lauren, Sarah and Bill also of The Church House Inn, for all their help setting up and organising – without you it would never have happened.  But, the biggest thanks of all must go to Gordon for providing us all with a magical evening of sensational music played with mastery beyond compare.  Thank you!

Karl van Heeswijk Dec 2012