Voyage Air Guitar – VAD-04

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Voyage Air Guitar – VAD-04

Postby BRC » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:38 am

I have had this guitar since 5th October 2017, since which time I have been ‘acclimatising' it and, naturally, playing it to allow it to bed in. So far, I have not made any adjustment on the truss rod.
That last sentence may seem a bit odd when you consider that this is a guitar which folds at the 14th fret ….. I have left a pause there to allow any of those not familiar with the concept of a folding guitar – other than those guitars folded permanently by airport baggage handlers – to recover their composure. How can you have a truss rod on a guitar that folds at the neck? Well, it does.

I shall now take a few steps back and explain my purchase. I like to take a guitar with me on my travels, which is reasonably easy when driving in the UK and also on mainland Europe. However, travelling by aircraft introduces a different and horrifying thought to carriage of a full-size guitar by virtue of any such item being invariably consigned to checked baggage. Anyone who has seen cases being loaded in to the hold of an aircraft will understand my reluctance to have similar treatmen meted out to a guitar. All that is summed up in a song by Tom Paxton, ‘Thank You Republic Airlines’. I digress.

During the past three summers I have opted for small ‘travel guitars’, starting with the very good Vintage Viator (review elsewhere on this website) but, due to arthritis affecting my left hand found using anything above the fifth fret severely cramped my hand and very much restricted playing. Just over 18 months ago I bought a Sigma TM15e which is slightly bigger than the Viator, though still gave me problems playing higher up the neck. I decided that I needed a full-size guitar to alleviate some of this problem. I knew about the Voyage Air Guitar instruments and made enquiry on the cost … just as we had the result of the referendum on membership of the European Union. The pound plunged so fast that calculating the cost became a daily exercise in finding out the true cost of that vote and, with regret, I had to decide the instrument was more than I could reasonably want to pay.

Time moved on and with some recovery of the pound (still volatile though), and some extra cash saved, I revived my interest and made further enquiry. There had been a price drop in the meantime in both the cost of the instrument and shipping charges. My enquiries were dealt with in a very helpful way and, clutching my credit card, I took the plunge and ordered the VAD-04 model – a full-size dreadnought. That was on 2nd October 2017 at around 18:45 BST and duly received said instrument on 5th October 2017 at around 10:15.

Whoops! I forgot to mention that the vendor is based in mid-California, USA, which is 8 hours behind British Summertime … and that was at the time they were experiencing severe fires in North California. That delivery time is what I call good customer service.

Now to the guitar itself. Unpacking was done with a great deal of trepidation, though unfounded. The guitar comes with its own padded bag – far better than any padded gig-bag I have experienced – and the packaging gave good protection, so any latent fears were proved unfounded. The guitar was folded, as would be expected, already strung, with the loose strings folded inside the sound hole, so all I had to do was unfold, lock the neck in place and play, again, with trepidation. I followed the clear instructions that came with the guitar and found I had a playable guitar. It did need retuning, though not by a lot. The temperature difference between California and here in the South East of England at that time was around 16C, so, not bad in need for slight retuning.

It is always difficult to decide on the sound of a new guitar until it has bedded in for a week or two. However, out of the bag this sounded very good (a slight understatement) with the standard D’Addario light strings, phosphor bronze, on it. After an hour or so (quite a big ‘so’) I thought it appropriate to let the guitar have a rest, but not by folding it back up into its case. The instructions are that when not needed for travelling treat as a normal guitar and place on a stand/hanger as you would do for other non-folding guitars.

As I write it is 13th November 2017, nearly five and a half weeks since I received the guitar, and the ‘bedding in’ process is going very well. The guitar has a very easy action and holds its tuning as well as any guitar I have had in my nearly 69 years, if not better. The tone very clear across the range from bass ‘E’ to as high as I can get on the 1st string – it is not a cutaway so only to 14th fret as a single note. The resonance from the guitar is excellent with a very clean sustain and great transmission through the guitar body. I timed a plucked open ‘A’ string as 42.3 seconds to total decay – it might have been longer as my hearing has obviously ‘decayed’ at my age.
It hasn’t cured my arthritis – no miracle cure was offered – but the action is just right for my hands and very comfortable. The guitar is surprisingly light and very well balanced with a strap on the heel button (really the neck locking screw) and the end button.

Do I have any negative comments? I can only compare with my Martin and say it doesn’t quite have the ‘boom’ of that, though must add that is a very, very subjective and hypercritical judgement. I use Elixir lights on my guitars and will change this guitar to them when change is necessary, which may give a much fairer judgment. I have to be fair and say that comment is meant only as a comparative rather than definitive one.

Overall I am delighted with the guitar. It is well constructed – ruggedness will only be judged by time on its travels – sounds better than many far more expensive guitars I have experienced and, not least, it looks, sounds and feels a quality instrument. It has travelled to Liverpool already, although I was unable to jam as much as I would have liked due to suffering from a typical autumnal cold – me, not the guitar.

Finally, I must give full credit to the quality of customer service afforded me by Voyage Air Guitar (Barney Leeson being my contact) which was very helpful, focused on me as the customer and not in the least pushing for a sale. Sadly, if you want one of these instruments you will have to import it from the USA, which means VAT, Import Duty and ‘Customs Clearance fees’ to be added – they are easy enough to work out – and, of course, currency conversion fees/charges by your bank. Nonetheless, I would say very much worth it.


Link to website

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Re: Voyage Air Guitar – VAD-04

Postby Roger USA » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:36 am

Hi Brad,

That was an interesting review of a product I never knew existed! I was going to ask you to post photos, but then I followed the link to their website. A very nice looking range of guitars with what appears to be a good track record for customer satisfaction.

Thanks for posting.

All the Best,


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Re: Voyage Air Guitar – VAD-04

Postby Charlie » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:50 am

Brad, your informative review reminded me of a friend and excellent guitarist, Eltjo Haseloff (if you don't know him, find him on the internet). For traveling he swears by his Voyage Air: I myself use a Taylor mini as travel guitar but I stay continental with some Albion outings from time to time.

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Re: Voyage Air Guitar – VAD-04

Postby BRC » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:11 am

Roger and Charlie,

Thanks for your responses. Interesting, Roger, that my post was the first you had heard of these guitars. You won’t have to face the extra costs of import duty and quite a high carriage charges, though I am sure there will be some local/Federal taxes to add. Also, you may be able to see and try at a nearby dealer. The VAD-04 is a much better than average guitar at around an average price, with its unique folding ability. That folding neck is a lot better than might be imagined as locked in place it is as solid as a normal guitar neck.

Charlie - my Dutch is sadly lacking so I have posted below a Google translation for others of a similar disposition:

“and Voyage-Air VAOM06 with folding neck. This is the ultimate travel guitar that fits into a backpack and folds out a full-size spruce / mahogany OM guitar. Ideal to take on the plane, no fear of having a guitar in the boot and always a real guitar with you, on the way and in your hotel room. You can even put your clothes in it. What else do you want? The sound box is perfectly built, the neck is clearly made by someone else and sees (and feels) as a do-it-yourself job of an amateur. The more expensive models have a better neck, but the trick of this kind of guitars is that you have to buy one where you do not get too much tears when he sneaks. If this is broken, I'll just buy a new one”

Kind regards to all
P.S. I assume the sentence “You can even put your clothes in it” refers to the case, although it could be an interesting concept for muting a guitar!

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Re: Voyage Air Guitar – VAD-04

Postby Oldbones » Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:00 pm

Thoroughly excellent review Brad.

And for that tiny minority who won't yet have seen the Youtube upload by SonsofMaxwell about what happened when a much-valued Taylor guitar was entrusted to the tender mercies of United Airlines in America ..... then watch this and enjoy - and weep. (Nearly 18 million views so far).

There was a follow-up which, like the first, had a significant impact on opinions and the share value of United Airlines.
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Re: Voyage Air Guitar – VAD-04

Postby BRC » Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:44 am


Interesting videos! Tom Paxton wrote ‘Thank You Republic Airlines’ around 1983, maybe a little earlier, and, in notes on the song, indicated that Republic Ailines had gone out of business. Your reply prompted me to do a little bit of research from which I found that Republic Airlines is now part of United Airlines. It would seem from the song links you gave that they have decided to continue the guitar handling customer service in much the same way.

Here is a link to the Tom Paxton song -

I suppose I should have placed this information under my VAD04 posting but as it was my VE2000GG 12 that suffered the broken neck (I can blame no one but myself for that one) here is appropriate.

Incidentally, I haven’t taken my VAD04 on an airplane yet, however having it in the boot of my car with a fair bit of other junk - sorry, equipment - the other day it gave a very good approximation of how it will fit in to an aircraft overhead storage bin. Seems fine and the case gives very good protection.

I wonder if anyone else reading this has had any guitar ‘malfunction’ stories to relate and, maybe, start a new thread. I feel sure Gordon must have a tale or two to relate, when time permits.

I have also posted this under my Vintage VE2000GG 12 posting ... only because it may be relevant to that as well.

Kind regards

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